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Sarantario Mountain The Monastery of Temptation


Journalistic Research – Script: Maria Giachnaki
Direction - Photography: Nick Hrisikakis
Music: Vangelis Svarnas
Editing: Kosmas Filiousis

The Monastery of Temptation is located at the top of Jebel Kurudul Mount 464 meters below the Mediterranean Sea level. At the foot of the Mount, Jericho, the most ancient town, lies up to the Jordan borders.Jesus spent 40 days there, fasting and meditating during the temptation of Satan, according to the Gospel.

Monk Gerassimos is the only person living at this Monastery where conditions are really tough because of the high temperature and the lack of amenities. He used to be a book-keeper and a mountaineer but for the last several years he has dedicated his life to the Monastery. Every morning he raises the Greek flag full of pride. He goes through several adversities and temptations in a place with enormous religious and historical value.