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Cretan marriage in Anogia


Journalistic Research – Script: Maria Giachnaki, Pepie Oikonomaki
Direction: Group Sceptic
Editing: Kosmas Filiousis
Music: Vaggelis Svarnas
Duration: 43’

In Anogia of Crete mores play a significant role in the daily routine of the people of Psiloritis (the highest mountain on Crete). These mores pass from one generation to the next so as tradition goes on and the flame that keeps the nation alive never goes out.

With deep ceremonial traditions and a flare for lively receptions, the traditional Cretan wedding in Anogia is an event not to be missed. The whole village celebrates, everybody helps with the cooking, young people take part in the ceremony preparation and a lavish reception is organized for the couple.
The groom’s friends get on their horses and race in order to get to the bride’s house and announce that their friend is waiting at the church and will indeed keep his promise and marry his bride. The women of the village make the traditional-yummy-Cretan “kouloura”. Big baskets are filled with gifts, animals are slaughtered and huge cooking pots are put on fire!
The bride's dowry is carried to the groom's house in the sounds of live music, accompanied by people dancing and cheering. For a whole week, the village lying on the north slopes of Psiloritis mountain lives in the rhythm of this celebration. Everybody gathers outside the groom’s house where plenty of food and drink is offered.
In the documentary we record the Anogian wedding festivities, step by step to their culmination with the long tables at the village’s central square and the live band playing the famous Cretan lyre music of Xilouris, Skoulas, Psaradonis, Kalomiris

“Welcome our relatives by marriage”, the documentary on the Greek wedding in Anogia, Crete, was honored with the "Special Mention" award, at the 11th London Greek Film Festival which took place on May 12th, 2018, at “Theatro Technis", London.