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ABBA GERASSIMOS, The Jordanite The “Monastery of partridge”


Journalistic Research – Script: Maria Giachnaki
Direction: Nick Hrisikakis
Music:Vangelis Svarnas
Editing: Stelios Xatzikremilis

He got there barefoot and now he is indeed the father of the poor as he helps hundreds of impoverished families survive…

 Abbot Chrisostomos, the head of the Monastery of the Partridge has managed to attract lots of pilgrims and turn the previously abandoned and destroyed Monastery into a small oasis.

Thanks to his dedication, one of the oldest Monasteries in the world which was founded in the 5th century by Saint Gerassimos, an exceptional figure of monasticism in Palestine and according to the medieval Tradition hosted Madonna and Baby Jesus during their escape to Egypt, is what it deserves to be:  an index mark in the rough scenery of the Jordan Desert.